Summer MEDIA Studio (SMS) is an international workshop for European film students. It’s an intensive two – week training, which includes practical filming in international crews and team consultations, lectures taught by internationally renowned professionals.

Producer in film

„SMS 2014“ will introduce the language and practice of producing and filmmaking through a combination of lectures, screenings, shooting, editing and presentations. Participants will learn fundamental producing skills needed to begin to understand creative producing in an increasingly complex global marketplace. The basics of pitching, development of a project, scheduling and budgeting along with basics of financing, packaging, distribution, and marketing strategies will be studied. With an assistance of industry professionals and lecturers, 10 international shooting crews will accomplish 10 short – documentary and experimental films.

Who can participate

Students of European film schools and young professionals. Each crew will include producer, director/scriptwriter, cinematographer, sound designer, film composer, editor.


SMS 2014 will take place from 20 th of June till 4th of July, 2014 in Neringa, Lithuania. Neringa is one of the most beautiful resort areas at the Baltic seaside. It‘s an exceptional place of recreation with unique nature and specific culture which inspired and continues to inspire artist throughout the world. Curonian Spit is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a site of cultural landscapes that has many natural and cultural values.It‘s an exceptional place for recreation with unique nature and specific culture which inspired and continues to inspire artists throughout the world. 

Please take Your time to enjoy the panoramas and get inspired for your film!


Short documentary and experimental films will be shot in Neringa and Klaipėda regions


How the workshop works

Summer MEDIA Studio 2014 is composed this way:

• 4 days of intensive seminars & workshops (pitching session, lectures)

• 4 days devoted to practical work (shooting)

• 4 days of final review (editing, postproduction, screening, and evaluation)


„Summer MEDIA Studio: a comment from a lecturer“

„Summer MEDIA Studio: after the end of the image hunt

For Your attention, here is the list of the best in „Summer MEDIA Studio 2014“

„Summer MEDIA Studio“: Winners announced and congratulated

PRESS about SummerMediaStudio

MEDIA Studio: why it is all about the producers?“
To live the film – a mission that is carried out by international workshop Summer MEDIA Studio for 16 years now. Two weeks of intensive creative workshop opens new horizonts for the young filmmakers: here they can apply theoretical knowledge to practice, tries out their own and team abilities. Implementation of the challenges that they face, participants are growing in professional way. Every year Summer MEDIA Studio is designed for different film sphere and profession. International team of the tutors introduces students with basic film producing and production rules, participants learn film financing, distribution and selling strategies.

Why the topic of this year is desgined especially for producers? Head of the project and film director – Inesa Kurklietytė will give the answers.

“In the whole world and in Europe the role of the producer is not completely clear. In Lithuania this profession is usually understood as managers profession and the person has to implement the basic functions. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world producer is creative ideas generator who is responsible for a film from the scratch. He is the soul of the team. In Lithuania and other European countries, we have to grow up those kind of producers because the cult of the directors is still very strong and sometimes overrated. I believe that every year the role of the producer in film production is becoming more and more important. This is why this years’ topic is moduled for the producers. We will try to understand how big and important this speciality is, who is the person who agrees to carry all the responsibilities on his shoulders“, - sais Inesa Kurklietytė.

It seems that producer has to have knowledge about everything. Can you please concretise it?

“But that’s how it is. He must know storyboarding, sound, technical equipment, finances, scenarios and even law. Producer must observe relevant topics, what is positive and what to create today so it won’t be old after two years. Sometimes the knowledge that they have exceeds the knowledge of the directors. Directors work is more creative while producers’ – more strategic. I would like to say it one more time – the role of the producers’ professional is still growing“, – resumes head of the Summer MEDIA Studio project. So we can just wait for the result of this new film generation. The participants are from 11 European countries – 14 different film and media higher education institutions.

Many years in a row Summer MEDIA Studio workshop is taking place in Juodkrantė. Films, students – youthfull buzz is a part of Neringa. A big cinema family is living in Ąžuolynas hotel which provides them with all the necessary facilities to create films: a beautiful forest that is surounding the hotel, Curonian Spit lagoon and the Hill of the Witches is a perfect combination for the filmmakers. But did the workshop happened in this place all the time? And why this location was chosen? We ask it our head of the project – Inesa Kurklietytė.

MEDIA Studio is happening for sixteen years. Was it always in Neringa?

The first SMS took place in Druskininkai. It was organized by Donatas Ulvydas together with Henrikas Šoblevičius. At the time I was studying in France and together with my colleagues went to the workshop. The second studio took place in Nida, after I started working in the project. I thought that Juodkrantė is more private than Nida, so this is why we are all living in this hotel. Besides, Ąžuolynas has a cinema hall, amphitheatre, lot of rooms and space. You can see lagoon from your window and the sea is very close. One year the project took place in Vilnius, other in Palanga but after all it came back to Neringa. We all know how magical this place is and I believe that lithuanian filmmaker can’t take himself seriously if he hadn’t filmed anything in Neringa.

Did you had an idea to choose another place? Why so many years in a row Juodkrantė is the place of the project?

This place is interesting in it’s structure and the atmosphere is such that no one is leaving the hotel basicly. It’s two weeks that they are living here and basicly just in the time for the shootings is when they comes out. We are surounded by very good atmosphere and we even have a swimming pool  The shootings takes place in all Neringa. The place is very dinamic and the nature changes all the time. It is possible to film horror movies and romantic drama’s. You can film desert ir the depth of the woods, sais Inesa Kurklietytė. What is the impression of the place for a young cinematographer? How does this place stimulates creativity? Can it evoke the creative potential of a young person? We don’t even question - yes.

It's our pleasure to announce the list of participants who will create documentary and eksperimental films in „Summer MEDIA Studio 2014“. Congratulations and see You soon in Juodkrantė !

You can see the list - HERE

The application period to Summer MEDIA Studio 2014 - “Producer in film“ has finished. We want to thank all applicants for such an active registration !

From June 20th to July 4th, 2014, students from the EU film and media high schools, in collaboration with professional lecturers, are going to gather in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Baltic countries – the Curonian Spit, Lithuania – for the 16th time. Registration to one of the most anticipated workshops for young film makers in the region has already started. All film and media students from the EU countries are able to apply to the „Summer Media Studio“ workshop. During the two weeks the participants will have the opportunity to attend theoretical training, manage film projects, consult with the best experts and make films using the latest shooting, audio and editing equipment. The main topic of this year’s “Summer Media Studio” workshop is „Producer in Film“. 10 internationally formed teams will develop ideas for documentary and experimental films during the two weeks of workshops. They are going to learn how to reconcile the creative ideas and opportunities in order to realize them. Experienced tutors will introduce participants to major film producing and production rules. Participants of the “Summer Media Studio” workshop will gain deeper knowledge about film financing, distribution and film selling strategies. The main porpose of this training – to unite young film makers from different countries for collective educational and creative activities – has been in place for some time. But each year because of tutors, participants and creative challenges, the “Summer Media Studio” workshop is unique and one of its kind. “Year by year this workshop is getting bigger and better – last year students from 25 different schools in 12 different EU countries attended the workshop” – says the head of the “Summer Media Studio” Inesa Kurklietytė. “Summer Media Studio” is organized by the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The project is supported by “MEDIA Training”, Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science.


• have an education and practical experience of the particular position he/she applies for;
• be highly motivated to work in international crews and unusual locations;
• be able to communicate in English, as English is the official working language of SMS;
• send the application form and all annexes required before May 15th, 2014.


• application form;
• letter of motivation (up to 200 words);
• synopsis for a short film which will be shot during the project in Neringa and Klaipėda regions, Lithuania. A minnimum 2000 characters required for script writers and directors, optional for ohers;
• Curriculum Vitae;


Participant fee is 200 euros. The SMS organizers offer some scholarships for the selected participants (excluding international travel costs) while applying. Applicants should indicate that he/she applies for a scholarship and describe clearly why the financial support is needed.


• Application period – from 1st of April to 15th of May, 2014. Participants were able to apply to be a director, cinematographer, sound designer, producer, editor or composer.

Selection criteria: audiovisual education, theoretical and technical knowledge, practical experience, strong motivation, interest in visual solution of a film, and ability to work in international teams. For producers, directors and scriptwriters quality of synopsis is a very important selection criteria.


Arrivals to Vilnius, getting to a hotel. Vilnius sightseeing (individual).


10.00 Departure to SMS in Juodkrantė, Neringa
16:00 Arrival to SMS. Settling in Ąžuolynas hotel. Individual sightseeing.

18:00 Opening ceremony in the Cinema hall. Introduction of the workshop: tutors team, seminars, participants and working schedule. Film screening: documentary about SMS 2013 „ Dance in film“

20.00 Opening party


10.00 Seminar ”How to prepare for a pich” by Annakaisa Sukura
11.00 Pitching session for directors and scriptwriters and other participants in the cinema hall
15.00 Selection of the best synopsis by tutors
16.00 Forming film crews
17.00 Script consultations for film crews with tutors
20.00 Presentation of film by Annakaisa Sukura


10.00 Seminar: „Producing short films: The Art of the possible“ by Jonathan Tammuz
12.00 Seminar „Directors point of view to a film production“ by Tinatin Kajrishvili
15.00 Seminar „Post production, Distribution & Marketing shorts“ by Jonathan Tammuz
17.00 Script consultations for film crews with tutors / Location scouting


10.00 Seminar „Co - production guidelines for a young producer“ by Stasys Baltakis
13.00 Script consultations for film crews with tutors
15.00 Seminar „How to raise funds from private sponsors, How to promote your film worldwide? How to convince a producer?“ by Sebastien Aubert
17:00 Location scouting


10.00 Seminar: „Production workflow. Why does a producer needs to know everything?“ by Ričardas Matačius
13.00 Script consultations for film crews with tutors
15.00 Location scouting
18.00 Technical and script consultations, consultations for sound directors - important things to know on location

JUNE 26 - 29

Film crews shooting

JUNE 30 - JULY 2

Editing / Script re-developing, consultations with tutors, sound postproduction, teamwork


10.00 Editing / Script re-developing, consultations with tutors, sound postproduction, teamwork
18.00 Public screening of SMS 2014 films
21.00 Award ceremony


10.00 Leaving Juodkrantė to Vilnius. Departures from Vilnius

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